Бъдещето на Google Wave (от Google I/O)

Мат Кътс реши да се възползва от предимствата на Google Wave за да ни информира на живо какво се случва в Google I/O, което е страхотно 🙂

Ето какво каза на 19.май.2010г. Lars Rasmussen относно Google Wave:

  • Google Wave starting to grow up as well as the web.
  • “People getting real work done all over the world.”
  • Wave is opening up to everyone today, including Google Apps customers.
  • Tons of great feedback.Lars says that Wave changes the way you work, sometimes in subtle ways. I can testify that even the spirit of Wave has really made people think more about realtime (PubSubHubbub, Buzz, Real-time search in web).
  • Making Wave part of Google apps (at no extra cost).
  • Lars: Wave is a lot faster now. You can get email notifications of updated Waves. You can remove participants. There’s tutorials now. You can browse unread waves more easily.
  • Lars: made it easier to embed a Wave on a website. Matt: I can testify to that. 🙂
  • Now robots don’t have to sit on App Engine; they can be elsewhere on the web.
  • Lightweight clients for mobile phones.
  • In the developer sandbox at Google I/O, there’s a bunch of people with booths/demo stations to talk about Wave and how they work with it.SAP is announcing that they will support the Wave protocol. That’s in addition to Novell.
  • Google is today open-sourcing more of Wave, specifically the in-browser editor.
  • Publishing the beginnings of the client-server protocol.
  • Each session at Google I/O should have a corresponding Wave, so people in the room (or around the world) should be able to follow along with each sessions. Lots of new features – Robot Liberation.
  • Speed and stability. It’s time to give Wave another try.

И накрая една презентация от официалния блог на Google Wave:

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